Danilo Krdžić

Senior Web Developer
Web Designer

Tamara Krneta

Social Media Manager
Content Manager

Vladan Perović

Server Administrator
Linux Guru


Danilo is TOP RATED freelancer on Upwork for 2 years!
Tamara was recently added to RISING TALENT program on Upwork!

About Danilo – our TOP RATED freelancer (approved by Upwork)

Danilo is founder of Cruise Labs who spend the least time at home but most on web. He brings his unique and creative ideas to the table and keeps us up to date with the latest technology trends. When he works on our projects, he enjoys to work on challenges that helps him learn something new on a daily basis.

Danilo also serves as our web designer and developer. He focuses on HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

Danilo studies Telecommunications and Information Technologies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Belgrade University. Previously, he worked for few radio stations and small firms also as a web designer and developer.


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What our clients say about us and our work

Cruise Labs are really amazing! Very professional, great communication, high quality of work.
I had such a great experience, pleasure and ease to work with them.
I`ll definitely will work with them again. Highly recommended!
I love my new website.
Thank you Cruise Labs, you are THE BEST! 🙂

Liel CheriYoga Teacher

I am happy with Cruise Labs work. They did it as expected. They were excellent in communication and never said “this can’t be done”. I did this project to test out skills (while create something at the same time) and they delivered in flying colours. I will be reengaging them in future.

Manoj KBusiness Manager

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of his work, which looks very professional, and which is exactly why I decided to hire Danilo to make it. With Danilo, you get more than just a complete job! He is extremely professional, has advanced and forward-thinking ideas, and is highly competent. I feel like Danilo delivered 110%, and I’m happy to recommend him to anyone who needs help getting their product / brand looking awesome!

Robert SProfessor

Danilo has done a phenomenal job. I’m VERY impressed. I’m very keen to use him again. Danilo is a real person who responds well and makes things happen. His work was first class. The project was completed within the deadline, and the communication was excellent. Outstanding value for money. I would highly recommend Danilo if you need an RESPONSIVE website designed and built.

Daniel CMD

I am thrilled with the outcome of this website. The result looks extremely professional. That’s exactly why I decided to hire Danilo (of Cruise Labs) to make my site. It looks awesome. Danilo is always courteous, keeps the projects organized and on-track, and is most proficient. I am happy to recommend him to anyone prospective clients who need help getting their online presence to look amazing!!

Ryan BCompany Manager

This is my first of many projects that I am going to do with DaniloK, because he is simply the best website designer on market, no joke. He is extremely responsive, eager to do a good job, and very proficient. I don’t know what time of night it is for him at the limited times that I am available here in the USA, but he always make himself available for skype sessions, and does an excellent job each time. I look forward to my future projects with him.

Zainab RCompany Manager

Yet another amazing job very well done by DaniloK. I believe that this is the 4th job I’ve hired him on. He continues to impress. He made a first class high caliber website for me. Anyone who hires him should consider themselves privileged and lucky to have such a talented knowledgeable and aspiring freelancer as DaniloK.

Mohel DMusician

What we offer?

Graphic Design

You’re a small or big-business owner and you probably need a digital presence. Typically that means you need a logo, brochure, business cards, banners, and that’s where Marko jump in.

Web Design & Development

A web developer can be one of your most critical hires. After all, that’s the person who will create the online face of your company and enable you to interact with your customers. So, it’s important four you to choose the right one.


If you plan to sell anything online, having an ecommerce plan is as important as your original business plan. Because you’re exploring new territory, making decisions about technology and marketing, and establishing a new set of vendor relationships, a well-thought-out plan will serve you well.

SEO Consulting

Without a solid SEO strategy, you’re heading down a dangerous path. Successful online brands have understood the need for SEO and the impact it can have on the business for quite some time, but in 2015, this becomes even more important.

Social Media Management

Leveraging the power of content and social media marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way. But getting started without any previous experience or insight could be challenging. That’s why we’re here.

Hosting & Domain

When it comes to launching or re-launching a website, there’s a big difference between renting and buying server. We’re here to provide you high quality servers with 24/7 support and 99.93% uptime, that 0.07 is usualy maintenance.

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